Keep your family healthy all year long so you can enjoy more quality time together

Prenatal & Postnatal 

From aches and pains of pregnancy, morning sickness, breech position, labor induction and milk supply and more, Chinese medicine has a long history of supporting pregnant women and new mom safely and effectively. 

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Bird & Bee Acupuncture  & Family Wellness​

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Herbal Medicine

Nature's greatest healing secret is in plants. Customized herbal medicine can be part of your treatment plan or used to prevent future illness.

Nutrition Coaching

Food is the foundation for health. Avoid all of the confusing information out there about the right diet and learn what will really work for you and your family's unique needs.


Whether you need pain relief or relaxation, the ancient art of acupuncture can bring relief for many conditions.

Health coaching

Sometimes you just need some guidance on your overall wellness to get back on track. Wellness coaching might be just what you need to reach the next level of health and keep your whole family healthy.

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Are you looking for a healthcare approach that understands your family's needs?

When it comes to raising healthy families, conventional western approaches are not filling the need for information on how to maintain health, and the internet is full of confusing information.

Instead of watching your family struggle to achieve optimal health, battling one more infection from co-workers or classmates, or lose hope that you can plan a vacation without someone in the household coming down with something, you need a wellness practitioner to help advise you on the best steps to take to finally keep your family healthy.

 How do you choose a wellness practitioner to provide care to your family?

You need a practitioner who understands the everyday realities of today's busy families. From work, to school to extracurricular activities, making sure your family is also staying healthy enough to keep up with everyday life can be a challenge. I know because I face these same challenges and I have spent over a decade working with families who have kids of all ages (even those whose kids are grown and out of the house) to find ways to make achieving a healthier lifestyle possible. That's why over 80% of new clients come as referrals from my happy and healthy previous clients.

 Want to learn more about how I can help your family live the healthiest life possible? Contact me today!