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Bird & Bee Acupuncture & Birth Services

"One cannot and must not ever make the mistake of trying to treat this condition like one would treat carbuncles. Never use a treatment that aims at scattering accumulations. One should not use this method. Rather, one must protect and nurture her. One must make her feel at home in her body, that her body is precious. Make her believe in herself, in her Center, one hundred percent...

When I [Liu Yuan] see this type of disease, immediately I tell the patient that they must reflect upon their intentions. This disorder requires Xinfa as its modus operandi. Once this is established and on course, a great doctor can assist with the application of medicinals.
" Liu Yuan translation from Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine

General Acupuncture Information

Chinese medicine is about more than inserting needles to treat aches and pains, alleviate digestive complaints or improve fertility. True Chinese medicine sees beyond the surface, searching first in the Heart of the patient for disease. Only when the Heart is free of disease can the physical body truly be healed. This is the basis for the following words of Master Gan Liao as part of a discussion on Explaining the 100 diseases:

"First and foremost, the physican helps the patient's Heart and does not just hand out medicinals. Getting this fundamental principle of medicine backwards results in an inferior physician...The level of cultivation will be revealed in their actions and words. If the physician can see into the patient's Heart then they can cure disease at the very root of the problem. Otherwise, they treat the skin, body and hair." (Translation by Dr Yaron Seidman & Teja Jaensch in Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine).

While in the process of Centering the Heart, we use the tools of acupuncture and herbal medicine to soothe the aches of the physical body and Xinfa (Heart method) to help patients find their Center and connect to their Heart.

First Visit

A typical first visit lasts 60-90 minutes, occasionally even up to 2-hours depending on your history and needs. During the first visit we will cover your health history and look at the principles of Chinese medicine and how we will address your healing needs, both in the clinic and between visits. Your first visit will also include acupuncture and other therapies as needed including: nutritional recommendations, moxibustion, cupping, tuina, guasha, or tuning forks.

Follow-up Visits

A typical follow-up visit lasts 45-60 minutes. The number of sessions needed varies depending upon the nature and depth of the illness.

Fertility Acupuncture

For fertility enhancement, we recommend patients anticipate 3-6 months of treatment, though some couples successfully conceive sooner. Typically, our patients receive acupuncture once weekly for four weeks, after which we will evaluate your response and progress to determine a further treatment plan.

Prenatal Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been safely used during pregnancy for thousands of years, often alleviating conditions that other modalities cannot safely address during this delicate time. We have experience addressing all manner of pregnancy related conditions including nausea and vomiting, pregnancy induced hypertension, sciatica, back pain, breech positioning, and overdue babies. Also visit the childbirth education page to learn about our innovative birth education series based on ancient Chinese medicine principles and Hunyuan Xinfa method. 

General Herbal Medicine Information

We custom make your herbal formula in our office using whole, raw herbs that you boil into a tea to drink 1-2 times per day. We use only the highest quality herbal products available from suppliers that test the herbs for pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. We take great measures to ensure the herbs you ingest are safe; we ourselves take the same herbs and use them for our families.

Chinese herbal medicine is usually taken on a daily basis, the length of treatment varies based on the condition; acute conditions requiring herbs for the duration of the condition, while chronic conditions and fertility support may require several months.

As licensed healthcare providers, we take our form of medicine very seriously and make herbal recommendations judiciously. As any healthcare provider should, we only recommend herbal medicine if necessary and when the benefit outweighs any risk. If you  are uncomfortable with the use of herbal medicine, we will discontinue that portion of your treatment plan and continue with other methods of Chinese medicine.

As with any therapy, we recommend you are open with your care providers about all of your medications, supplements, herbal medicines, and other treatments you receive; withholding information may place your health or your baby's health at risk. If your care provider is definitively opposed to any therapy that you find beneficial, it may signify that change in care providers to someone who is open and willing to become informed about your choices is warranted.

Herbs for Fertility

In the case of fertility treatment, herbs are usually prescribed for 1-6 months, though occasionally longer. In most cases, the herbs we prescribe for fertility are pregnancy friendly, so even when you become pregnant, you can keep drinking your herbal decoction safely through the early weeks. Though most women who conceive naturally do not need to continue drinking herbs throughout the pregnancy, we may recommend a newly pregnant woman continue herbs through the first trimester or beyond.

We also prescribe herbs for men, whether there is a history of sub-par fertility or those just wanting to boost their fertility and overall health.

Herbs for Medicated Cycles

We also have options for women using western fertility medications. In addition to acupuncture and nutrition therapy, we have safely and successfully prescribed herbal medicines during medicated cycles for many women from all IVF clinics in the greater Seattle area (though we don't generally advise this option for women who have never done a medicated cycle). We recommend women begin herbal therapy at least 3-months prior to intrauterine insemination (IUI), egg retrieval for in-vitro fertilization (IVF), or the transfer date for frozen embryo transfer (FET) or donor egg/embryo transfer. Though the 3-month minimum recommendation is ideal, we understand that once fertility treatments with western fertility clinics begin, time moves quickly, we are happy to provide any support we can despite your timeline.

Herbs for Pregnancy

We have been using herbal medicine for pregnancy safely for over a decade. If you have a pregnancy related complication, get a cold or flu during pregnancy, or just need general support, there maybe an herbal formula to help you. All of our herbs are tested for pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals to ensure safety for you and your baby should herbal medicine be needed.  

Herbal Medicine