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Read our introduction to Hunyuan Birth on our blog.  Download the outline for the series here.

"The hawk flies and the fish leaps. They naturally attain their Natural Character as a reflection of Heaven. They each have their appropriate flying and leaping and without thought they can fly to the Heavens or dive to the abyss. The hawk does not know Heaven, yet it flies and reaches to it. The fish does not know how deep the abyss is and yet it leaps. The hawk in Heaven and the fish in the abyss: each one reaches its natural place and each relies on its own innate wisdom."  ~Liu Yuan (translation by Dr Yaron Seidman from Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine)

Paying for your class

Payment is due prior to the first day of class via credit/debit card or paypal. We will send an invoice 30 days prior to your course start date after we receive your registration. Some HSA/FSA plans cover childbirth education courses, check your individual plan for coverage details. If covered, you may be able to use your HSA/FSA debit card or we can provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement from your HSA/FSA.

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Hunyuan Birth Series for Mothers-Live, online webinar class

A Heart approach to childbirth education infused with the wisdom of Ancient Chinese medicine and Hunyuan Xinfa methods

This series is built upon the simple and natural wisdom of Eastern principles that have been cultivated, preserved and handed down by truly gifted practitioners for thousands of years. This one of a kind series was created from these principles to help expectant mothers be prepared and excited for their birth experience whether this is a first or fourth pregnancy.

Participants will leave equipped with the skills to build inner strength, increase trust in their ability to birth and provided with information reflective of the experience from the birthing mother's perspective. The topics are taught in a manner that is easy to understand and apply, not only in pregnancy and birth, but throughout life.

This series is appropriate for all mothers, regardless of birth provider or location choice, however, we will not cover details about medical interventions, hormones, pros and cons of various pain medication options, or other information that is best discussed with your medical provider or can be easily found online and in books.

Classes are currently offered in a live, online virtual classroom. These are live classes, not available as pre-recorded videos. In person classes may be available in Bellevue dependent upon interest.

Topics covered in this series include:

  • Using a Yin/Yang approach to understand contractions and the labor process
  • Using sleep to improve birth outcome
  • Why birth is a matter of the Heart, not the head
  • Creating a strong Heart Center and its role in initiating labor
  • How to use emotions to help, instead of hinder, labor and birth
  • The function of Courage and Generosity in the birth process
  • Eastern healing approach to improve health during the final weeks of pregnancy, including simple Qi Gong and meditation exercies

A series of three 2-hour classes, $150

Course includes a workbook, Qi Gong and meditation exercises.

Optional Add-on: Birth basics for mothers and birth partners

In addition to the series for mothers, we offer a one-night class for mothers and their birth partners covering all the basics including:

  • Timing contractions
  • When to call your provider
  • Stages of labor
  • Acupressure for labor
  • Communication with partners and providers
  • Postpartum topics-newborn care, breastfeeding, new parent care

One 3-hour class. $75

This class is only offered as an add-on to the Hunyuan Birth Series for Mothers and is not available as a stand alone class at this time.

1-day Intensive Childbirth Course

For those who prefer an intensive course, we offer 1-day intensives. The intensive course will cover all the same material as the series and can be tailored to incorporate the birth basics as needed to meet the needs of the class. Qigong and meditation exercises will be interspersed throughout the class. Birth partners are always welcome, and encouraged to attend.

One day, 6-hour class, $150

Includes a workbook, Qigong and meditation exercises.

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