Vibrational acupressure uses the vibrational therapy of tuning forks on acupressure points to help your body and mind return to a state that promotes healing, tissue repair, improved immune function, clearer thinking, increased stamina, and an overall sense of rejuvenation.

 Your body is approximately 70% water, which is a perfect medium for transferring the vibration of the tuning forks throughout your cells, similar to sonar traveling through water.

 After a session, you will notice your whole body feels more relaxed and those annoying spots of tension seem to dissolve, and you might even noticed improved digestion and sleep.

 This is because one of the effects of the tuning forks is reducing the active load of your fight or flight hormones so your rest & digest system can resume a more normal level of function and allows you to experience the effects of de-stressing yourself.

This is one of the most requested therapies by my clients because they love the nearly instant transformation after their session.

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In the past, human being were very active, in order to gather food, protect ourselves from predators, and survive throughout the changing seasons. Today, our lives are very different, we spend hours each day sitting - in our cars, at our desks, at computers, and then we spend hours using our phones. All of this stationary living impacts the flow of blood and nutrients through your musculoskeletal system causing pain and inflammation.

Cupping is one of the techniques we use in Chinese medicine to help stimulate the flow of blood through the muscles and connective tissue to increase oxygenation and the nutrient content that's delivered to your tissues so your body can more effectively remove inflammation and bring nourishment and relaxing minerals to your tissues to ease pain and tension.

 Cupping involves rounded cups and suction. It can be done with plastic cups and a suction tool or with the traditional fire cupping technique, which uses glass cups and fire to create the suction. I think of it as a reverse deep tissue massage, because we use suction, instead of pushing as massaging the tissues to increase blood flow, cupping pulls the tissues up and draws blood outward through the tissues. Because of the suction method, cupping can leave bruise like marks on the surface of the skin, that will diminish and resolve completely in 2-10 days, depending on the individual.

What is Vibrational Acupressure Therapy?

What is Cupping?

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