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Whole Food Nutrition

food, how should we shop for it, how should we eat it? Between organic and natural, GMO, omega-enriched, fortified foods and the many lists of foods to "eat today, but not tomorrow" do you feel like you could use a little guidance? You are in the right place to find tools to help improve your diet with easy techniques and tools. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Eating a whole food diet doesn't have to be a chore and, additionally, when done right it will be a treat for both mind and body. Using simple health survey assessments along with the discerning methods that are part of the long tradition of Chinese medicine, nutrients that may be lacking from your diet can easily be identified.

Further, if certain foods are just plain unappealing, we can provide recommendation for professional grade supplements or herbs made from organic, whole foods and botanicals that can fill in nutritional gaps.