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Xinfa (heart method) app is now available. It is the 21st century heart sorting ledger. In the 1800s in Sichuan Huai Xuan 槐軒 practitioners used to practice this on a piece of paper, today we save trees, we do it paperless.

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Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine

by Yaron Seidman & Teja Jaensch, 2013

Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine is a book from the Heart. The authors Dr Yaron Seidman and Teja A Jaensch, present an investigation into the human Heart, revealing a method of healing never seen before. In this practical and profound exploration, the authors reach numerous breakthroughs in the understanding of Natural Character and the Heart, how to comprehend health and disease, and how to approach medicine from a point of Center. After studying with master Liu Baigu, grand grandson of the Qing dynasty scholar physician Liu Yuan, Seidman and Jaensch filtered the complete compendium of Huai Xuan philosophy. Over 4000 pages of classical Chinese text were researched, the pure essence distilled and translated, and presented here in this book.

Praise for Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, & Miracles

"I feel enlightened...I now seek the balance described in Hunyuan medicine. This book is for everyone, not just those trying to conceive."


"A beautifully written guide to understanding Classical Chinese medicine (Hunyuan medicine) and fertility; a combination of knowledge, wisdom, and the author's passion - an insightful resource for anyone."


Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, & Miracles

by Yaron Seidman & Tristin McLaren, 2012

Hunyuan Fertility: Conception, Babies, and Miracles is a book that truly reaches the level of healing infertility and disease at the root. Hunyuan medicine opens the door to seeing the forces that guide human life. When that door is open, human life connects to the greater life sustaining force, which grants health, longevity and fertility.

We know there are many fertility books available, including several specific to Chinese medicine and infertility. This book is different! It builds upon the authors' deep contemplation and extensive experience in practice as it takes readers to a level far deeper than any other book currently available. Within the pages one finds concepts unlike anything in any other texts, Chinese and Western alike. Concepts that find their roots in philosophy and nature studies, and arise from observation and contemplation, complete with passages from Confucius and Mencius. With this book, the reader develops a new perspective and makes meaningful changes toward a healthier life for themselves and their future family.


 peaceful wombs~peaceful births~peaceful babies

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