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Bird & Bee Acupuncture & Birth Services

Insurance Information

We are currently in-network providers for the following insurers:

  • Premera
  • Lifewise
  • Some blue cross/blue shield plans (must participate in Premera's network)

We are out-of-network, but will submit bills to the following insurers:

  • Aetna
  • Group Health
  • First Choice

We do not directly bill the following insurers, we will provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement:

  • United Health Care
  • Regence Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Blue cross/blue shield (outside of Premera's network)
  • L&I/Workers Compensation Claims

Please check your insurance benefits, including deductible requirements, copays, coinsurance, and ask about restrictions specific to acupuncture coverage. Note that some services may not be reimbursed by your insurance and may become your responsibility, we do our best to anticipate and inform you of these potential expenses before they are incurred. At this time, insurance does not cover herbal medicine or childbirth education, but these may be reimbursable through your FSA/HSA account, check with your plan for details.

Payment is due at the time of service, payment for childbirth classes is due on the first day of class. We accept cash, check, all major credit cards and most FSA/HSA cards. Please let us know if you need a receipt for reimbursement of services. If you don't have coverage for acupuncture or your benefits have been exhausted, please let us know, we have flexible options to help you pay for your coverage.

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